New iPhone 4G and Apple Tablet: Will you buy both?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 13, 2010

We are only halfway through the first month of 2010 and already the rumors of two new devices from Apple are dominating the news. Apple will hold an event at the end of this month, it is then where recent reports suggest that they will announce their new tablet PC and a new iPhone 4G.

We would assume that the new iPhone for 2010 would be released in June or July, as previous models have in the past, but the onslaught of Google Android handsets has changed all that. Apple knows that the recent launch of the Google Nexus One phone has made them rethink things a little, and feel the need to launch out of cycle.

However, Apple fans now have a huge decision to make, do they spend their hard earned money on the new Tablet device, or would they rather get their handsets on the fourth version of the iPhone?

Looking back at previous news, it looks as though the Apple Tablet PC will be launched in March, and there could be two versions, one with an LCD screen and the other with an OLED screen. According to recent reports, Apple has been buying up all the 10-inch OLED and LCD screens.

As for the iPhone 4G, we recently reported that an April release is looking very likely, but we will have to wait and see on that one. Either way, you had all better get saving now if you want both, you might not have much change from $1500.

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  • markus

    I am very excited to see these new devices being released this year. I am in love with my 3gs and cannot wait to see the new design which I will most definately upgrade to ; hence I only ever get 12 month plans because so much happens in such short time. The tablet will be an excellent device to use while at home, playing games, reading ebooks etc while the phone will still be handy when going out and about.