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New iPhone 4G 2010: More Rumored Specifications

Although the iPhone 4G has not yet been officially announced by Apple there have been hundreds of rumors regarding the upcoming handset, we have now come across some rumored hardware specifications for the handset.

A recent article posted in the Korean Newspaper “The Korea Times” states that the new iPhone 4G may arrive in April 2010, also the handset could feature “an OLED display and video-chat functionality, as well as faster performance and more power flexibilty”.

Although specific details have not been mentioned yet “insiders have suggested” that the iPhone 4G will feature a dual-core processor along with a better graphics chip.

Also reports suggest that Apple are keen to feature a removable battery for this model and there may also be a front-facing camera.

As we hear more rumors/details regarding the iPhone 4G we will keep you posted, for more information check out SlashGear.



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