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iPhone 4G early release and affect on Nexus One

Over the past couple of days there has been constant rumors that the new Apple iPhone 4G will be launched either in April or May. This early 2010 release date would have a series affect on a number of new handsets, but it would be the Google Nexus One phone that would suffer the most.

Apple has an event planned for the end of this month, where it is rumored that they will unveil their tablet PC device along with their new iPhone. We have to wonder why they would release the smartphone out of cycle; many believe that it is the threat of the Nexus One and other Android handsets putting pressure on the top selling smartphone.

Apple knows that the hardware inside the current iPhone 3GS is not dated, so needs to offer an update soon before users decide to jump ship and want something with the latest technology. The current iPhone has a much slower processor and an outdated screen, and that’s for starters.

However, according to a recent post of ours, the new iPhone 4G will come with a dual-core processor, OLED screen, 5-megapixel camera with flash and a more powerful graphics chip.

If these rumors are true, which is highly unlikely, then the iPhone 4G will make the Google Nexus One phone look ancient, yes it has the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, but it would not be able to compete with a dual-core CPU.



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