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iPhone 3GS (AT&T) to Nexus One (T-Mobile): Moving Phones

An article has recently been posted on SlashGear which is pretty unique, as it is written by someone who owned an iPhone 3GS, however has now replaced the Apple device with Google’s Nexus One.

Firstly one important thing to mention is that SlashGear’s writer was not unhappy with his iPhone 3GS, however he was unhappy with AT&T’s service, therefore he purchased a Google Nexus One handset on T-Mobile.

The writer’s must have functionality included VPN, an SSH Client with Public Key support and task management that works with Kerio Mail Server. Previous versions of the Android OS have not offered full solutions to these functions, however the Nexus One’s Android 2.1 finally offers these features.

All in all he seems very happy with his Nexus One, however he is eager to mention that his 3GS was not at fault itself, to see his full article check out SlashGear.



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