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Blessing Phones and Laptops in the UK

Who would have thought that a Vicar would ever bless one of your much loved gadgets, well that is what happened at one church in the UK, as Rev Canon David Parrott took part in blessing cell phones and laptops. We wonder what brand he spent extra time blessing?

According to BBC News, this blessing was all part of an updated version of the “Plough Monday” back-to-work ceremony. While in church, parishioners held their phones upwards so that they could be blessed. The church recognizes that these gadgets are part of our everyday life now so needs to be blessed.

On Monday a number of phones and laptops were placed on the alter, Parrott said that ‘God’s grace could reach them in many ways.” It was then that he gave them their blessing.

The Plough Monday ceremony is an old tradition, where farmers tools used to be blessed, this ceremony has to move with the times, and cell phones and laptops are seen to be the most important tools in any business.

Let us know your views, was the church right to bless these gadgets?



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