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Apple Tablet PC Causes 10″ LCD and OLED Panel Shortage

When the iPhone 3GS was in its rumor stage early last year, supplies of NAND flash memory were forced down to low levels, this is the same story with the rumored Apple Tablet PC, as there is now a 10″ LCD and OLED panel shortage.

According to TG Daily, someone had tried to create a product requiring a 10-inch screen, but was told that Apple had pre-ordered a whole bunch of them; it is for this reason why there is now a shortage of this particular size screen.

We are not certain why Apple would want to purchase both LCD and OLED, maybe the rumors of a cheap and expensive model were true after all.

Apple always seems to do this before one of their devices get released, so why would now be any different. Let us hope that something like this happens again soon, as we want Apple to launch its much rumored iPhone 4G.

The 3GS is a great phone, but it is time that Apple pushed it limits and really showed us what they can do, like they have with their range of computer devices.



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