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Zune HD: XviD and Smarter Playlists, Coming Soon

According to a recent article posted on SlashGear it seems that the Zune HD will soon be receiving two notable updates, these updates should arrive in the Spring.

One of these updates will allow more video codec support (MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP and XviD), you will be able to display these video formats on the Zune HD’s display as well as when plugged into an external display.

The feature that will be added is ‘Smart DJ playlists’, this is available on the Zune HD’s PC client-based software, however will soon be on the device itself. This should be a great edition and will bridge one major gap between the iPod Touch and the Zune HD.

All we know so far is that these updates should appear sometime this Spring, as we find out more definite information we will keep you posted.



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