Verizon Droid Eris: Update Launched

By Jamie Pert - Jan 12, 2010

HTC and Verizon have been working together to launch an update for Verizon’s HTC Droid Eris handset, this update fixes a relatively small issue with the handset.

This latest update brings the handset to ROM version 1.17.605.1, this particular update fixes a small problem with the handset which relates to the handset’s display being locked and appearing to be ‘out of service’.

According to SlashGear’s recent article this is the only problem the update fixes, there are no other features added either.

This update is said to be live at the moment so feel free to install it, as always ensure you back-up data beforehand just in case, for more details check out SlashGear.

Have you experienced the issue that this update addresses?

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  • coolfx35

    Hey every body. I just got my eris about a week ago and Im loving It! I’ve already figured out. multiple ways to integrate it into my music production. I’ve even recorded a sound from a touch screen synth instrument and used it in a song. Lol.

    Check out some of my music if you’d like…

    PhoneMyPC is the greatest app of all time.
    Check out and a video I made of me using my eris to completely control my recording software on my computer.

  • Dima The Bear

    I ran the updates last night, and they said it was supposed to fix the problem, yet since the update i have had unlock screen become unresponsive 3 times in less then 24 hours where it didn’t do it even once for me before . .

    • Eric

      I’ve had maybe 3-4 lockups since Nov 6th.. 1-2 prior to the Dec 11th patch and 1-2 after. I’ve had lockups with just about any phone I’ve owned. No lockups since this patch though.

  • sergio

    I’ve had the screen lock up on me a few times over the past month, so I’m glad to have this update as it’s pretty much been the only problem I’ve had with the phone.

    Well, that and the lack of update to the latest version of Android. It’s frustrating to know the Eris can easily be running google navigator.

  • ReJe

    I returned my eris since it was locking up all the time. Loved the phone but couldnt handle this and the sluggish performance. I am curious if this update helps others who were having this problem.