Twitter 2010 Expectations: Better User and Customer Experiences

Twitter are looking to hire 27 people in the hope of creating a range of new products, all designed to increase the security on this micro-blogging website. By doing this, Twitter hopes to be able to offer a better user and customer experience for 2010.

According to an article on, the micro-blogging company currently employs 120 staff; this will increase numbers to 147. Although these are not a huge amount of jobs, it is an increase of around 40%. Twitter has already got 2010 off to a great start and has now begun to make a profit; this could have something to do with the recent Google and Microsoft deal.

The new staff will have their work cutout, as they try to make new front-end features as well as working advertising applications. This is all part of Twitter’s new advertising strategy that is said to be a big part of their business this year.

Some of the new personnel will need to work with media companies, to help make the integration with Twitter go as smoothly as possible. This will be done with a host of new tools to help encourage media professionals. Seems like these new workers will be kept very busy.

The toughest job has to be for security team, a number of breeches happened last year, and Twitter does not want this to happen again. This is where the posting for a new “network and infrastructure security manager” comes in. A new system will be developed to prevent future hacks.

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