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By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2010

For those of you who own an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and wish to keep up-to-date with all the latest stock news, then Matthew Lazar has launched Stock Genie 1.0.1. This latest app breaks down stock results and will even choose the best one; this is done by looking at fifteen different criteria.

The app will also show what it thinks is the best stock pick of the day, as well as information about each stock. According to a recent report from Tickerspy, they have found Stock Genie to offer highly accurate advice, one that has gone on to make a profit for those who use the app.

Matthew Lazar, the developer of the app is a financial investment advisor with years of experience. He said that he decided to develop the app so that he can offer his vast knowledge to those who need help in this often-confusing market.

Results of the app have been impressive; the picks that had been chosen by the app were up by 92.9% for the year. Looking at those sorts of figures, it is certainly worth users trying out the app. According to sources, the Stock Genie app has even been outperforming the S&P 500.

The app costs just $2.99, for more details visit

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  • greenforme

    The app for the ipad is just ok and the picks are at best break even so far for me since Oct 2010. I would like to warn users that they should NOT SUBSCRIBE to the extended services for the $49/month rate. There is no value whatsoever and you get nothing extra then what you get from the app. There is no help from the developer of the site, as no requests for help are honored and other then giving your $49 away you will never get anything in return…BEWARE of this, again DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE EXTENDED SERVICE…