Star Wars: The Old Republic – PC release date will be Spring 2011?

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2010

We have an update for fans of Star Wars now, as we are hearing that The Old Republic, BioWare and LucasArt’s upcoming MMO title, could be on course for a release in Spring 2011.

As reported from Eurogamer, EA boss John Riccitiello didn’t actually mention The Old Republic, but did state that the game is a ‘major’ title – which led us to believe that the company don’t have any other ‘major’ games on the horizon that fit the bill.

If you have seen the many screenshots and video teasers that have been released so far, you’ll know that The Old Republic is shaping up to be something special, but can it topple Blizzard’s mighty World of Warcraft franchise? We doubt it.

Hear more from John over at Eurogamer. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • clayton

    This is retarded the y need to make the game for the 360 also because im not going to buy it for the pc unless its free to play monthly

  • star wars rocks

    i hope it is on the xbox 360

    • Revan

      it won't be and i know thats like a big kick in the face but its only being released for pc. But they should at least try to make a consol version of this that would be great escpecially with all the online features like co-op campaign .

  • Jediwan

    Considering the Starwars franchise is well known and has legions of fans worldwide it will undoubtedly be very good, with bioware and lucasarts teaming up for this.

  • I cannot say I love this game, I think it is really average. It is worth to game but will only hold you having fun for more than a one or two weeks. I would say that you should try css or Combat Arms for instance.

  • jerkface314

    Depending on if SWtOR will charge people for playing, lik WoW does (and depending on how much it’ll cost), I belive that SWtOR will start out slow. It will be seen as another mmorpg which is riding the coat tails of WoW. The only way I see out of this problem is if the people running SWtOR decide to charge people to play, they should make it significantly cheaper to play than its competition. I have no facts to base this on, however, from what I’ve seen with the increase in US unemployment people are quitting WoW because they simply can not afford the time and/or money to play WoW. Give the people a new game with the same platform but cheaper anf you will probably see more people switching over from WoW to SWtOR because it is just more economically cheaper.