New 2010 iPhone 4G vs Google Nexus Two: Fairer Fight

By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2010

The Google Nexus One is only a week old and already people are talking about its successor. We mentioned in a recent post that the Google Nexus Two would be designed for the enterprise user, but as the current Google-branded phone has to compete with the iPhone 3GS, the Nexus Two would have to compete with the new 2010 iPhone 4G.

According to an article on the Telegraph website, the new phone could come with a QWERTY keyboard as well as a touchscreen. We feel that this will be going backwards for the handset, but maybe Google just wants to keep its new customers happy.

It is no secret that the Nexus One is in competition with the iPhone 3GS, but would the Nexus Two have a fairer fight with the next-gen iPhone? We have to wonder if any phone could ever compete with Apple’s smartphone, the phone has older hardware than the new range of Android phones and they still do not come close.

Maybe Google has already decided that a battle with the iPhone is a lost cause, so thought that competing with RIM’s BlackBerry devices would be easier. This certainly makes sense if they are thinking of the enterprise user for its next handset.

There are a number of things that Google would need to address before they even thought about an enterprise Nexus Two, the most important being enhanced security options. Do you think that Google will be able to make it in the Enterprise market?

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  • Bob

    I am a pc guy and I dislike macintosh for many reasons. I have carried HTC phones since the Seimens SX 66. However once the iPhone went to 3.0 it surpassed every phone on the market, as far as usability, dependability and functionality. I have played with every Android phone out their and I love the OS. It is superior to the iphone 3 GS… But the screens are still laggy and even the Nexxus 1 with the super processor cannot change screens as smoothly as the Iphone 3Gs. So don't get tooo high and mighty yet. I would love to see Android out develope the iPhone! But I dont believe that it has happened yet. Android is being distributed on cheap hardware. Someone is going to have to step it up to compete with the smooth iPhone.

  • Alex

    Useless and biased article. Android has surpassed the iPhone already in price, popularity and hardware.