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New 2010 iPhone 4G: France Telecom May Release Date?

We recently reported that the new 2010 Apple iPhone 4G could be released as early as April, and according to the latest new, France Telecom who we know for recently admitting to an Apple Tablet has announced that they are to get the 4th generation iPhone in May.

There has been no official statement from Apple, so is very hard to believe. However, we have to remember that the iPhone maker has always been secretive, so there could be some truth to the latest rumors.

We have to wonder how all this hype of a 4G iPhone has surfaced again, considering the fact that the Apple Tablet PC is due to hit the market first. The strange thing is, the iPhone usually gets launched in June or July, so why would Apple feel the need to break that cycle.

According to a report from, which had to be translated by, states that the reason why Apple are to launch the iPhone in May is due to the constant attack from Google and its range of Android running smartphones.

Do you think that there is any truth to the rumor, will the 2010 Apple iPhone 4G be launched in May?



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