Halo: Reach on Xbox 360 – New Game Engine is best ever

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2010

Some exciting news for Halo fans across the world now, as Bungie has stated that the new engine used for upcoming title Halo: Reach is by far the best engine used for a Halo title to date.

As reported from Eurogamer, motion capture is now being used for the new title, which means that gamers should now see instant changes in running and walking effects.

The new engine will also drastically improve the game’s weather environments, as Halo: Reach will now be able to handle 20 to 40 dynamic light sources on screen, compared to Halo 3’s three to four.

Basically guys – everything is going to look pretty badass, compared to previous Halo titles. Head over to Eurogamer to hear about changes relating to gameplay and weapons.

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  • ade

    how many times we’ve heard this, and by the time that the title sees the light its only one more of the bunch, the halo franchise has cooled down since the first title amazes everybody on the first xbox, aside of the great economic numbers only a minimal percentage of the gamers ended up the campaign mode,and at least for me they gone to need more than flashy lights or more realistic mud to get me in the halo again.

  • IamtheBOB

    motion even

  • IamtheBOB

    Montion capture, I can hardly believe it, surely, the future has arrived!