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Google Nexus One vs Droid and iPhone: Phone Touchscreen Test

When it comes to testing the accuracy of a smartphone touchscreen, only four handsets would do, the Google Nexus One Phone, Motorola Droid, Eris and the Apple iPhone. The hardware in the three Android running phones are newer and in most cases better, the iPhone still came out better offering better display results.

On an article on PC World, they explain that the Moto Development Group was the ones putting these handsets through their paces. We would just like to inform you that they have nothing to do with Motorola; well if they were they would have made the Droid the winner.

The test was very simple; they used a simple application to draw four lines across the screen. They then measured each screen to see how accurate it had drawn them; this includes how much pressure had been applied with the full surface of a finger as well as just the corner.

The test showed that the iPhone 3GS came out on top, something that Google will not be happy about as their new Nexus One phone lagged behind despite the higher resolution. It shows that having a smaller, lower-resolution screen is better for accurate tests such as this one.

However, Apple did not have it all their own way, the screen suffered from a sensitivity problem at the edges. The winner of that test was the Droid Eris. If the oldest handset of the bunch still performs better than the new ones, just imagine what the iPhone 4G will be like.



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