Google Nexus Two: Suitable for Business Users

By Jamie Pert - Jan 12, 2010

Now that the Google Nexus One has been officially released there is already talk emerging regarding a follow-up handset, this handset may be called the Google Nexus Two

According to a recent article posted on the Nexus Two may be focused on business and enterprise users, and according to the vice president of engineering at Google may even feature a physical keyboard.

Obviously it is early days at the moment, however it makes sense that the Nexus One is there to battle with Apple’s iPhone, therefore why not develop a handset to battle with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile handsets.

As we hear more details regarding the rumored Google Nexus Two we will keep you posted, for further details check out

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  • Joshua Ainsworth

    BlackBerry is the main business phone that Google must battle with. It holds over 60% of the enterprise market.

    Windows Mobile is self destructing, so it is not competition for Google. Windows Mobile will continue to lose the business and enterprise market that it once had, and I cannot see how it will survive in the business/enterprise market.

    It makes sense for Google to step in and fill the void in the enterprise left by the decline of Windows Mobile for business use.