Google Nexus One Problems: Firmware update could fix

By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2010

Google had hoped that the launch of its first branded phone, the Nexus One was going to go along smoothly. However, things never go to plan, and the current 3G-connection problem is a fine example of that. There is plenty of blame going around, but it is more than likely due to a firmware issue rather than network.

We reported the other day that users were being pushed between Google, HTC and T-Mobile in the hope of finding a solution, but none of them wanted to take the blame. They are finding that they are being pushed off 3G and onto the slower EDGE, both Google and T-Mobile are now asking users to describe their exact problems in the hope of resolving the issue.

We can certainly rule T-Mobile out, as their other handsets are not experiencing the same issue. This is why Le Journal Du Geek believes that it is more to do with the firmware on the Nexus One. If this is true, then we are certain that Google are working on a fix as we speak.

Google should not worry about this problem, we know that it is a huge pain for both them and their customers, but it is not the first time that a new smartphone has been dogged with problems. You only have to look at the launch of the Palm Pre to understand what we mean.

If you are still experiencing 3G connection problems on your Google nexus One phone, then please let us know.

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  • Patrick-in-Chicago

    I have a Nexus one on T-Mobile and still have the problems (as many others seem to have). I got speeds ranging from 400Kbps-900Kbps (sometimes lower too) in Chicago, IL 60657. None of those speeds are 3 G speeds. Friends of mine on T-mobile’s network with other 3G phones get 1.5Mbps to 4.5 Mbps.