Google Nexus One: Shocking Early Termination Fee (EFT) Details

By Jamie Pert - Jan 12, 2010

So far it seems as if most consumers are happy with their Google Nexus One smartphones, however chances are a minority of customers will feel the need to end their contracts early.

If you end your contract early you will incur an early termination fee, therefore we thought we would post details regarding the EFT which you sign up to when you purchase the Nexus One on a contract.

From what we can see if you end your contract early your credit card will incur a $529 charge (this is the full purchase price of the handset).

This seems a bit harsh considering the handset is reported to consist of parts which in total cost $174.15, we are not sure whether this ETF will reduce as you progress through your contract.

As more details regarding the Nexus One’s ETF are revealed we will keep you posted, for further details check out SlashGear.

Do you agree that this ETF is too high? (Obviously it depends if it reduces as more of your contract is completed).

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