Ford Detroit Auto Show 2010: Focus, 1,000 Jobs and Surging Stocks

The 2010 Detroit Auto Show was mostly about Ford yesterday as two of their vehicles took Car and Truck of the year. The Blue Oval showed that they mean business this year, and with announcements of creating 1,000 new jobs and surging stock prices, it seems that the tide may have finally turned.

Ok, so we know that round one went to Ford, but believes that no company can claim dominance. The auto industry is not out of the woods yet, but from the cars that we saw yesterday and sales starting to increase, it is a move in the right direction.

So we know that Ford is top of the bunch so far, but they are not getting complacent. The Detroit based company knows that times have changed, which is why they are not relying just on new models. We reported the other day that Ford are to launch new features for its Sync system, which is seen as a major part of their 2010 roadmap.

The U.S. automaker has to be doing something right as yesterday saw their shares surge to $12.11, that’s an increase of 42 cents. Compare that to its lowest point last year, $1.50. Ford commented on this by saying, “We can’t afford for one minute to rest on our laurels.”

There are those who believe that Ford has just got lucky, but they are set for a great year. However, we have to warn you that the battle will be tough, it is not all about new models, it is the complete package, one that Ford is winning for now.



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