Detroit Auto Show brings together Chrysler CEOs

The start of the Detroit Auto Show will be remembered for a number of things, the first is the success of Ford and the other is when the current and former Chrysler CEOs met up. Current CEO Sergio Marchionne thought that it would be a good idea to bring in Dieter Zetsche for the start of the 2010 NAIAS.

Zetsche is still in the auto industry as he is the head of Germany’s Daimler AG, while Marchionne shows how things should be done by multitasking, as he is also the chief executive of Fiat SpA, Chrysler’s Italian part.

When the two Chrysler CEOs were together having their photos taken The Detroit News noticed how “visually striking” the pair were. Things may be going ok at Chrysler for the moment, but General Motors are still struggling as they continue to look for a new CEO.

Interim CEO Ed Whitacre Jr., cannot understand why GM feel the need to search for a new chief executive as he feels that he is the right man to take on a permanent role.

Looking at the current batch of cars on show in Detroit, it seems that hybrids will become even bigger. Yesterday saw a number of concept hybrids destined for the showroom, which you can read more about here.



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