Detroit Auto Show 2010: Concept cars not exactly bountiful

The magic of concept cars has always been how they release the imagination, which is not limited to what’s currently possible and sadly this also means that most of these cars never see production.

With that in mind, the Detroit Auto Show in 2010 lacked concept cars, which was directly related to car manufactures’ wanting to promote cars that could make it to production. Dollars spent on car production and designs are not what they once used to be.

The National Post reports that this years North American International Auto Show still had a few concept cars, even if they were not bountiful. These concepts were not as far fetched as previous auto shows, instead the Detroit Auto Show revealed concept cars that lacked the sci-fi design.

Concept cars and trucks on show included GMC’s Granite, Buick’s GS, Volkswagen showed off a new concept Coupe, and Hyundai used the Blue-Will hybrid to test out roof-mounted solar cells. Obviously some of these cars will more likely be produced than others.

Head over to the National Post to read the full details about the concept cars at the show, then let us know what you thought in the comments.



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