Detroit Auto Show 2010: 700 vehicles by 61 automakers

The 2010 Detroit Auto Show opened its doors yesterday, and although it is a much quieter somber event than last year there are still some great cars on show. During the course of the North American International Auto Show, there will be 700 vehicles by 61 automakers, so we will not go without.

Things got off to a great start yesterday, with Ford taking two awards, Car and Truck of the year, which you can read more about in our recent post. While at the event you will notice that there are less media running around, this is due to scaling down the event, if there are less cars then there has to be less journalists.

We have noticed that more car manufacturers are going down the hybrid route, with Toyota launching a new model, which will be cheaper than their Prius. Ford has already had a good showing; they have now unveiled their new Focus, which will be launched at the same time as Europe.

The big three U.S. carmakers GM, Chevrolet and Ford hope that 2010 will be better for them than 2009. Ford has already seen sings of a recovery, but the other two still have a way to go.

Yesterday, senior U.S. lawmakers decided to head to Detroit for the opening of the North American International Auto Show, according to China View, they feel optimistic about a recovery in the U.S. Auto Industry. Let us hope that they are correct.



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