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Darksiders (Xbox 360 & PS3): Review Roundup

If you have been looking for a good review of the recently released Darksiders for Xbox 360 and PS3 you may want to continue reading this post, as we have pulled together all of the reputable reviews we could find.

There are seven reviews to check out, simply click the on the name of the reviewer you wish to read. Click here for Eurogamer, here for GameDaily, here for GameInformer, here for GameSpot, here for GameTrailers, here for JoyStiq and here for IGN.

All of the reviews were scored out of 100, and I must say they came back pretty favorably, the range of scores was from 70/100 to 85/100, these scores averaged out at around 79/100 which is pretty good.

The game is said to be pretty unoriginal and steal ideas from a lot of other games, however this isn’t a bad thing as it all comes together quite nicely, all in all it is said to be an enjoyable game which has plenty of variation. For more details check out the links to the reviews above.



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