Video coverage of Detroit Auto Show 2010

Today saw the start of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show and with all the latest news comes a huge selection of video coverage; this best place to visit for these videos is YouTube. This is the one and only place where you will find an extensive choice of videos for you to view at your leisure.

There were many who thought that this year’s North American Auto Show: would be a sober one, considering the unstable 12 months. However, the early signs of the show are good, thanks to a slowly recovering auto industry.

Many Automakers has found the past year the toughest in years, General Motors (GM) and Chevrolet both had to be bailed out with tax payers money, with Ford managing to keep loses under control. All three companies have seen improvements in recent months, but it is Ford who has finally begun to see profits.

The 2010 Detroit Auto Show is still a subdued one though and maybe this is how things will be from now on, as automakers do not want to get complacent. The likes of GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Toyota will not want to make a big noise and spend huge amounts on cash at such events anymore, maybe Ford’s way of thinking about concentrating harder on the car and customer is rubbing off.

This year’s show will see fewer car launches, meaning that there will be fewer journalists. CNN Money says that it is not only the automakers hit hard, let us hopes that lesson can be learned here.



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