Sonim’s ‘Unbreakable’ phone gets broken at CES! (Video)

By Alan Ng - Jan 11, 2010

This has to win the award for most amusing story of the day. Direct from this year’s Consumer Electronics show, A BBC reporter has managed to break a Sonim phone which the company were touting as the ‘world’s most rugged phone’. Yeah right.

As reported from Recombu, Bob Plaschke, who is Somin’s CEO, explained that the phone could withstand pretty much all types of damage, which included being dunked in water as deep as 20ft for 30 minutes, surviving a drop from 10 storeys or even being hit with a hammer.

The BBC reporter was eager to put these impressive claims to the test, using a nearby corner of a glass fishtank as his first experiment. A few hits later, the screen was busted, prompting Plaschke to admit that the phone had indeed been ‘broken’.

The video is pretty hilarious, you simply have to watch it here. Let us know what you think afterwards.

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  • NicoleHelene

    I have owned a Sonim for half a year and the screen broke in one month and the microphone in a few. This was me not even trying to break it – just living life. I have now been waiting for a replacement for little over a month despite being told that I would "be shipped a replacement within 24 hours" but customer service upon inquiry prior to purchase. Funny how you can't reach anyone once you purchase. Beware.

  • Jay

    I hope he claims his free phone.