North American Auto Show: Toyota FT-CH Cheaper than Prius

By Peter Chubb - Jan 11, 2010

Do you remember the Lexus LF-CH concept that was on show at the Frankfurt Auto Show? Well Toyota has unveiled a downstream version called the FT-CH Hybrid at the North American Auto Show. The surprising thing is, it is cheaper than the ever-popular Prius.

Hiding behind that Toyota badge is a smaller version of the LF-CH, all the technology is the same, and we just hope that it can make it to production. According to a report from Autoblog, they are not sure if the FT-CH Hybrid will make it to the showroom, but they have certainly dropped a few hints.

This hybrid could do very well, not just because it is based on that Lexus but also because it is priced very well. The FT-CH would be aimed at the younger audience and is smaller than the Prius; the dimensions are 153-inches long and 68.5-inches wide.

If this concept does go into production, then it will offer four-seats and as you can see has some great styling. The side panels remind us a little of the Seat Leon and the Renault Megane. View a video of the Toyota FT-CH hybrid concept over at

Let us know what you think of this concept model, and if you would like to see it enter production.

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