Nexus One vs. iPhone, Google phone ‘Two’ vs. RIM BlackBerry

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 11, 2010

One of the hottest Smartphones is currently the Nexus One, which is Google’s first phone – different to their operating system – and did confuse some analysts considering phone makers may see the Nexus One getting more attention than the Android OS.

We’re sure that both the Android operating system and Nexus One phone will both be big players in the cell phone market. Today has been a busy day for “Nexus One” news, if you love freebies then see this post about a Nexus One giveaway, those in the UK may be interested in knowing more about the UK release, and if you want more insight into the Nexus One, read a detailed review via this post.

The Nexus One is an important milestone for Google, and it is claimed to be an iPhone rival although there are those that claim it’s not an iPhone killer. Google’s first phone may have only just released, but details are starting to emerge about “Nexus Two”.

PC Pro reports that Google phone ‘Two’ will be aimed at BlackBerry maker RIM. They said that Andy Rubin – vice president of engineering at Google – claims that the next version of Nexus One will be aimed at the enterprise Smartphone market.

This will not be easy considering RIM’s strong position in this market. You can read more about this in PC Pro’s article here. Do you think Google can challenge RIM in the enterprise Smartphone market, and do you think the Nexus One will compete with the Apple iPhone?

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  • Does Nexus think it can take over Gov, Military and Corporate Blackberry Security? Apple Tried and failed miserably. Wait till all the hacks and holes are yet to be discovered. All we are saying is give RIM a chance. 🙂 Storm 3 (Mr T) looks impressive with Torch Mobile Browser and more toys.

  • It is better than the iPhone, as I keep stressing – the only good thing about the iPhone is the fact it doesn’t lag. The camera is naff, the call quality dismal and has no redeeming features other than its app store.

    Android 2.1 is far better than iPhone OS, and the only reason iOS doesn’t lag is because theres nothing happening internally. Swipe features? Multi touch? Okay, but you can’t customise or multi task < which by the way mid range handsets can do.

    Everybody's been brain washed with viral marketing, the iPhone is simply not that good. The nexus one has a better screen, better camera, better internal audio chipset, a faster processor, far more customisable OS and the company creator, Google, who by the way actually update the OS with proper add ons.

    I want to be able to get nitty and gritty with a touch screen, but the iPhone is crap at that. In fact, the only thing it can do other than load some apps is 'not lag'.

    The iPhone has an App for just about anything, but the iPhone can't actually do anything.

    And all this comes from a guy who owned a HTC Hero, Ditched it for an iPhone 3GS and bought a Palm Pre < which is still the best looking phone with the best OS in the world.

    Jakk – Your fellow technoholic 😀