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Nexus One UK Release Date: Will Vodafone work for you?

CES 2010 was last week, and during the show we reported news about the UK release of Dell Mini 3 and Google Nexus One. This was followed up with some a post about problems users had with the Nexus One, many users had unanswered queries.

Today we hear that Nexus One owners can only get customer support via email, and this would explain the lack of forum answers. While we’re sure that teething problems had to happen and these will be fixed soon, what about a release for Europe?

We hear that a few UK carriers – 3 and T-Mobile – are currently negotiating a deal with Google, although Vodafone has already struck a deal and announced a release within the next few weeks.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone confirmed that they would be the “first operator to partner with Google” in Europe, and the UK market will be the first in Europe to get the Nexus One. The device will be a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone, and the coming weeks will show just how much a rival they will become.

Vodafone have not confirmed a price or an exact release date, but expect a UK release date within the next “few weeks”. Are you happy with a Nexus One phone on Vodafone, or do you want another UK network?



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