Nexus One Review: Google’s phone is an important milestone

By Jamie Pert - Jan 11, 2010

Since the unveiling of the Google Nexus One there have been hundreds if not thousands of reviews emerge, however one we have recently came across written by TechCrunch is extremely detailed, throughout this post we will highlight some of the main points made, however I recommend that you check out TechCrunch’s full review.

Their review states that the Nexus One is certainly the best Android powered phone available, they also say that it is the fastest and most elegant smartphone currently on the market.

The smartphone’s speed is also one of its downfalls, as powering the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor has an adverse effect on the handset’s battery life, the reviewer said that playing Robo Defense continuously drained the handset’s battery life in just 1.5 hours.

One of the most impressive things about the handset is the way in which it integrates Google Voice, also the Google Voice keyboard is said to be amazing.

As stated above if you are really interested in the Nexus One check out the full review.

Do you own a Nexus One? If so, let us know what you think of the handset so far in the comments section below.

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  • viki

    Although I do not own one, I had a chance to play around with one. It’s a great phone but I won’t be changing my iphone for it simply because it have everything Nexus One have except the screen quality and design of the device (I find N1 better looking device with sleek UI). The N1 is definitely going to take a large piece of cake from Apple this year, and competition is a good thing, at least for us, consumers.

  • albertini

    not to impressive, i own one and you can see that they rush a little bit whit os, there are some bugs, specially cosmetic, touchscreen is not as precise as the iphone, sometimes, android too diversified you really need to research before downloading an app, no flash yet and the music player very difficult to manage, you have to unlock keypad, launch app in order the change the song (keep my iphone as a mp3 player so far) and forgot to mention that the headphones are too big!! it bearly fits in my ear and the mic? C’mon! if you really need to talk the mic ends in your belly button.