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Nexus One Phone vs. Nokia N900: Comparison list between two superphones

If you’re looking for a new Smartphone and like both the Nokia N900 and Nexus One phone, then you will want to read a detailed review by Mobile Tech Review. They take a look at the main features and specs of both devices.

This includes a look at the Nexus One and N900 operating systems, design and build quality, speed, 3rd party applications, web browsing, functionality, call quality and reception, camera, text input, display, speaker, GPS, and storage.

They were a bit weak in their conclusion, deciding to call it a tie. Although they did highlight winners in the different areas mentioned above, so if there is a certain feature you want then taking a look at their comparison will help you.

MTR did explain in the conclusion that the Nokia N900 is focused on media and web, while the Nexus One is more phone-centric. Take a look at the features of both phones, and then let us know your favorite in the comments.



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