Nexus One Phone vs. Nokia N900: Comparison list between two superphones

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 11, 2010

If you’re looking for a new Smartphone and like both the Nokia N900 and Nexus One phone, then you will want to read a detailed review by Mobile Tech Review. They take a look at the main features and specs of both devices.

This includes a look at the Nexus One and N900 operating systems, design and build quality, speed, 3rd party applications, web browsing, functionality, call quality and reception, camera, text input, display, speaker, GPS, and storage.

They were a bit weak in their conclusion, deciding to call it a tie. Although they did highlight winners in the different areas mentioned above, so if there is a certain feature you want then taking a look at their comparison will help you.

MTR did explain in the conclusion that the Nokia N900 is focused on media and web, while the Nexus One is more phone-centric. Take a look at the features of both phones, and then let us know your favorite in the comments.

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  • Thomas

    @ompareGuru: wifi hotspot functionality has been available for Nokias for years now, both on S60 (JoikuSpot and WalkingHotSpot) and for the N900 (JoikuSpot and MobileHotSpot). And both IPhones and Nokias allow upgrades of the OS, the PR1.2 upgrade for the N900 came out just a few days ago. I think that if you do a little bit of *research* (hint: there is a website called that is good for that stuff) you'll find that the N900 OS is anything but closed. Glad to hear that Android is working out well for you, but these kind of statements really doesn't add anything to the discussion.

  • Compare Guru

    Well, Android Froyo is out with fantastic features like wifi hotspot. Basically the nexus phone becomes a wifi accesspoint and the nokia or iphone or any laptop/netbook can connect over wifi to nexus and then use it's 3G data to browse the internet. Is'nt that cool? The main thing with nexus or android based phones are that you can upgrade the operating system when a new version comes out. Try that with other closed propreitary OS like Iphone or Nokia. The android door to the future is open with infinite possibilities. Frankly speaking I could still not install a US Voice guidance with street names into my Nokia 5230 using OVI maps.

  • pay

    Two short comings of the comparison that is referenced here:

    1) I don't get what phone feature was missing from the N900! I have one and it works like a charm… in the comparison said they both only have on screen keyboards for dialing… which is wrong… you can use the keyboard if you prefer…. also in comparison of the two on screen keyboard he forgot to mention the screen vibration that N900 has and it gives you the feeling that you are actually pressing a real hardware keyboard!

    2) The other win for N900 that was given to nexus one is the availability of apps! well its true that there is not many apps made specifically for N900 compared to nexus one … but since you can have a full and mature distribution of linux such as Debian… through Easy debian… you have access to all linux desktop apps such as openoffice,… abiword… gimp…. and the list goes on… since you have support for flash and java… you can have access to all flash games and java or flash web softwares such as google docs and all the games in gameaddict! and many more….

    about the screen vibration I didn't know till I hold the piece… but the real winner that made me choose N900 over Nexus one was first its firefox with Flash support, second and more importantly being more open. I read somewhere to install an app for nexus one you need to add the app to you're google account, very much like buying an app through iTunes for iPhone! and this is what made me not to fancy an iPhone! I like maemo for this matter as you can add repositories from anywhere you like and you are in no way locked to any store or platform… there is even a community working on an alternative OS distribution altogether.

    so I'd conclude in my opinion two of the wins given to nexus one in the comparison should have been a win for N900! as well there is an even bigger win for N900 for openness!