Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360): Super-Speed Glitch Video

By Jamie Pert - Jan 11, 2010

Since the record-breaking release of Modern Warfare 2 the game has seen its fair share of glitches, it now seems that there may be another glitch which should frustrate many online players.

This glitch is being dubbed the super-speed glitch (which is self explanatory), from what we know so far the glitch appears to only be present in the Xbox 360 version of the game, however previous glitches have been multi-platform.

There is a video showing the glitch at the end of this post, I once experienced something very similar, however thought it was an accidental defect, but we are hearing that is another exploit from hackers.

When I experienced the problem it was impossible to stand still, all players were moving extremely fast and you could only really hip-fire, lets hope it doesn’t Take Infinity Ward too long to patch this.

As we hear more regarding this glitch we will keep you posted, for more information check out JoyStiq and don’t forget to check out the video below.

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  • James

    This glitch following so closely after multiple care packages really sucks. Must have joined a dozen games in last few days exploiting this glitch. If these hackers are that smart and have so much time on their hands then why aren’t they spending time developing new games they can sell on arcade or looking for work with the developers. This would be much more preferable to spoiling it for the majority of other people.
    While we are on the subject – Microsoft – please delete all the accounts of players with ridiculously high scores in no time at all so as the worldwide leaderboards are accurate!

  • derek

    actually matt, kids these days are really smart. look at the kid who unlocked the 1st iphone. the problem is they have so much free time.

  • anthony

    kids ruin the game, why cant they just play the s**t and jus leave it at that

    • matt

      err, you accuse kids, eh? well i really dont think kids could exploit and hack microsoft servers do you, dick wad?

  • sniperuphigh

    theres super slow mo aswell ive not seen slow mo yet but that speed up glitch is completely pointless you can see why infinity ward are not making MW3