iPhone Texting Auto-Responder App: True SMS – Life Saver

By Peter Chubb - Jan 11, 2010

Ricardo Batista has launched the True SMS – Life Saver 1.0, this new application is an auto-responder for those who own an iPhone. A user is able to respond to a text without the need to type, they can just set up an auto respond message and just select it.

This app is designed to help you stay safe, if someone texts you the True SMS will send an auto response for free, you will not even have to type anything out, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel while driving or if you are too busy at work to send a reply back.

The user interface has been designed for those who drive, have a hazardous job or just too busy. The True SMS – Life Saver app has a selection of pre-populated responses, iPhone users just select the one they wish to use and then hit the send button.

It does not matter what situation you are in, chances are there is a pre-configured response messages. If you are not happy with one of those, then you have the chance to create your own response.

The True SMS – Life Saver 1.0 requires iPhone 3.1 OS or later and connection to the Internet. The price is $1.99, for more details visit http://web.me.com/

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  • Steve

    I want my money back! What an ugly looking app and so overpriced! Very simple settings, too many predefined options and it doesn’t send automatically!

  • James

    I cannot register my Singapore mobile number… It doesn't work!

    Dr James Chang

  • anushka

    Love the collection on this site. Visit this site almost everyday, have it in my favorites. For all the readers would like to share a SMS site. Feel it will be useful to you.