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Google’s Nexus One: Made using $174.15 worth of parts

Whenever a new device comes to the market someone always looks at all the hardware and then breaks down its true cost. The latest device to be taken apart price-by-price is the Google Nexus One phone (Review), it seems that all the parts add up to a total of $174.15.

According to beancounters at Isuppli, this figure does not include all the costs that go with the smartphone; these include software, distribution, packaging, royalties and manufacturing. However, at least we know how much Google have to pay HTC for the hardware, although we are sure they receive a huge discount.

All those other costs do not mount up to much, so shows how much Google expects to make from one of these handsets if purchased unlocked. Looking at the cost of the hardware in detail, the most expensive component is its processor, the 1GHzQualcomm Snap costs about $30.50.

The next dearest piece of hardware is the 3.7-inch Samsung screen, costing $23.70. Other items include the memory for $20.40, 5-megapixel camera for $12.50 and $5.25 for the 1400 mAh 3.7V battery.

The parts used in the previous Android smartphone, the Droid come to $185. The king of the smartphones’s, the Apple iPhone has parts worth $172.46. Unlocked versions of the Nexus One will cost you $529, with the Motorola Droid costing $599.

Source – The Inquirer



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