4G iPhone: Recap from 2009 rumors

By Peter Chubb - Jan 11, 2010

Apple had a great 2009 with the launch of its iPhone 3GS and other products, but 2010 looks to be even better. Last year was not a great time for many companies, but Apple was one of the few to show a profit. This will be even greater this year if the rumors of an Apple tablet and the iPhone 4G are true.

2009 was all about the rumors of the new 2010 iPhone; we just hope that this year will be more about fact. Back in November 2009 we reported that the 4G iPhone was spotted in field testing and looked to have the much-anticipated OLED screen and an improved battery.

In December we learned that Toshiba had announced their 64GB NAND flash memory. This would mean that Apple would do away with the 16GB version and offer the 32GB and 64GB version instead. However, we have to stress that this would push up the cost of the new handset.

At the beginning of the year we learned that the Next-gen iPhone would boost location sharing along with a front-facing camera. Last week we reported that the rumored Apple tablet would run on the new iPhone 4.0 OS, we would assume that this would be implemented on the new handset in the summer.

We know that the iPhone 4G is still a rumor however, Apple has an event at the end of this month and are expected to announce the launch of their tablet device and the new 2010 iPhone. Visit us again on January 27, where we will hopefully have more information for you.

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  • I personally can’t wait – hopefully Apple might refresh their OS, as at the moment it looks tired compared to WebOS.


    Jakk – Your fellow technoholic 😀