Google Nexus One 3G Problems: T-Mobile or HTC?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 9, 2010

Google had hoped that the launch of their Nexus One phone would be a smooth one, but if we have learned anything about these latest Smartphone releases, this rarely happens. It seems that a number of users have been experiencing some problems with 3G, which they have been posting on the Google Mobile Help Forum.

Those who lose their 3G reception on their Google Nexus One phone will been pushed on to EDGE, which we know is much slower. The reason is still unknown as to why this is happening, but according to an article on, the problem lies with T-Mobile.

The article states that one Google-branded phone user contacted HTC about the 3G issue, they were then told that they needed to talk to T-Mobile. Reading between the lines, it seems that HTC is putting the blame onto T-Mobile’s 3G network.

A number of users are not convinced, one owner managed to get HTC to replace their handset this has certainly complicated matters. Another user tried to contact both HTC and T-Mobile; neither company was of any help.

Most Google Nexus One owners agree that it has to be a problem with the phone, either a hardware or software issue. It is not nice that users are being pushed between T-Mobile and HTC, but how can it be an issue for the cell phone carrier if the same issue is not happening with their G1?

Let us know if you are experiencing a loss of 3G on your Nexus One.

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  • Eetu

    Im havinh same problems using Saunalahti in Finland.
    Really frustrating. A phone designed to be a web phone and web works when it works or doesnt at all…

  • pommi

    any plan doesn't just increase .. until you renew
    and I'm not one of those downloading 2GB of data a day

  • Josh

    You won’t be so happy with at&t when your data plan sky rockets.

  • pommi

    I’m glad I only have to deal with AT&T and Apple.

  • Willie Singleton

    I am here in miami, and im also seeing the issues with 3g switching from 3g to edge. Data transfers on 3g are slower than that of my g1 also. Also i see more dropped calls than my g1. Between HTC, Google, and T-Mobile this needs to be resolved.