CES 2010 Dominated by Tablets, Netbooks and eBook Readers

Looking back on CES 2010 the show was dominated not with one device like the Palm Pre last year, but with several items. These include eBook Readers, Netbooks and Tablets. There were a few surprises, we had hoped that Microsoft would launch the much-rumored Courier table device; instead they chose to put their weight behind the HP tablet PC.

eBook readers were slow to get of the ground in 2009, but 2010 will see this latest market shift into high gear, Amazon’s Kindle readers is the one to beat at this moment in time. There are a few that will be able to compete and blow the Kindle out of the water, such as the Plastic Logic QUE eBook reader, but its $649 and $799 price will hurt it hard.

The tablet market is set to dominate 2010, taking over the netbook, which was big in 2009. Many companies want in on the action, Nvidia are to launch its Next Generation Tegra. According to, these have been designed to work perfectly in tablet PC’s, Nvidia and Verizon are reportedly working on a tablet device, not much is known at this moment.

A number of computer makers also decided to show off new netbooks, but do not expect anything new for 2010, well maybe an upgrade when the next-generation Intel Atom processor gets launched.

CES 2010 was not just about computer devices; 3D TV’s played a big part at the show as well, which you can read more about in our recent post.

So were you happy with CES 2010 or disappointed?



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