Apple Tablet and iPhone 4G Announcement this Month

CES 2010 is almost over and there have been some great announcements, but on the most part, a bit of an anti-climax. There were two problems at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Google launched their Nexus One phone a couple of days before and the rumored launch of the Apple tablet later this month. However, we have just learned that Apple could announce the iPhone 4G at this event as well.

Apple’s press event is due to take place on January 27 and although the iPhone 2010 will be unveiled on the day, we will have to wait until the summer for its release. The Apple tablet PC or iSlate will not be released right away, instead having to wait until March for the device to go on sale.

According to, their source did not offer any more information on each device, but we have our own expectation of what users what from the new iPhone 4G. We are not certain why the 2010 iPhone has been dubbed 4G; AT&T’s network is nowhere near ready for 4G.

The source did say that Apple and Verizon have not come to an agreement, which means that the idea of a Verizon iPhone has now been killed off. The source states that Apple wants to concentrate more on its current iPhone partner, AT&T. They also said that the current Motorola Droid adds did not help Verizon’s cause.

We would like to remind you that this latest news is not official, but we only have to wait a few weeks to learn the truth.



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