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Razer Xbox 360 Peripherals: Revealed at CES 2010

The peripheral manufacturer Razer has recently unveiled Xbox 360 peripherals at CES 2010, there are only two peripherals at the moment, one is an Xbox 360 controller and the other is a headset.

The controller is a wired controller, this controller is said to use ‘Razer Hyperesponse technology’, which from what we can tell means that the controllers buttons should be crisper and more responsive.

The headset is called the Razer Chimaera headset, this features 5.1 channel virtual surround sound, there is also a feature which allows “”multiple Razer base stations to be connected to create a direct, private communication channel for in-game team conversations”.

Personally I have never felt the need to have cripser buttons on my Xbox 360 controller, however I like the look of the headset, for further details including a few images check out JoyStiq.



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