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Nexus One Google Superphone with Multitouch Support

When Google announced the release of its Nexus One Superphone we already knew that it would suffer the same problems as the Motorola Droid, and that is the lack of multitouch support. We know that it is coming, but not anytime soon, unlike the European version.

EricTric reports that the ability is there, but they have yet to enable it, something to do with the current apps. Google were asked if and when multi-touch support will come to the U.S., they said, “we’ll consider.”

The European version of the Nexus One will copy what the Droid / Milestone did and offer full multitouch support from the start. This we know as a German website has already offered a Nexus One hands-on showing pinch-zooming capabilities. It is great to see other countries getting something before North America does for a change.

The U.S. version of the Verizon Motorola Droid still has no multitouch support, and we still have no idea when Google will include the much-needed feature. If Google hopes to be able to compete with the Apple iPhone, then this simple but useful features needs to come soon.



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