Motorola BACKFLIP: Hands-on preview and photos

By Alan Ng - Jan 8, 2010

We have a hands-on preview for you to take a look at now, for the new Motorola BACKFLIP handset, Motorola’s fancy new handset which will also come equipped with MOTOBLUR facilities.

The guys over at BGR were lucky enough to spend some quality time with the handset and they have also uploaded a photo gallery, letting everyone get a much close-up view of the handset in action.

Features of the BACKFLIP include its obvious ‘backflip’ ability, while it also packs a 5MP camera with LED flash and neat trackpad for easy navigation purposes.

BGR state that while there is no ‘official’ release date, the BACKFLIP is expected within Q1 this year. We’ll update you with more details as we get them.

Photos can be seen here.

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