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Dell Alienware M11x at CES 2010: Release Date and Price

CES 2010 was in full swing yesterday and we were bombarded with a host of new gadgets, such has the Dell Alienware M11x. This gaming notebook looks awesome with its stealth fighter angular design towards the front. So what do we know about the world’s most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop?

According to, the Alienware M11x aims to offer the same processor as the current M15x, even though it is lighter and smaller. High-end gaming in such a small device is hard to achieve as you need to be able to fit all the necessary hardware in, but Dell looks to have done a good job.

Although the design looks a little on the chunky side, the device looks much smaller when you are standing in front of it. For those who love to game in the dark, then you are going to love the red-backlit on the keyboard and around the trackpad.

Not much is known about the hardware used to power the M11x, but we do know that it comes with an IGP and a GeForce GT 335M GPU. Dell has made it possible for the user to switch from one to the other with a touch of a button. There are no details as to what CPU’s will be available.

Dell have said that the Alienware M11x will be released within a month and will cost just under $1000, this does seem expensive, but you pay for what you get right?



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