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CES 2010: MSI Dual Screen Tablet Revealed

As many of you may already know I was a big fan of the Kohjinsha dual-screen netbook, a similar device recently showed up at CES 2010, this device is MSI’s dual screen tablet concept.

The device itself looks very similar to Asus’ upcoming Eee Reader, however at the moment it is just a concept, therefore it is subject to change.

The concept does not have an official name yet, however it is said to run Windows 7 and will feature dual 10-inch touchscreen displays, one of which will be capable of displaying a virtual keyboard.

It is said to utilize Intel’s Menlow low consumption processor and will store data on a SSD, I would expect the device to offer a wide-range of connectivity, however as it is a concept nothing has been confirmed.

As you would expect the device has no release date or pricing details, however as details emerge we will keep you informed, for more details check out PocketLint.



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