Modern Warfare 2: Microsoft remind us about exclusive Xbox 360 DLC

By Alan Ng - Jan 7, 2010

We’re sure that most of you already know that the first DLC content for Modern Warfare 2 will be available on the Xbox 360 before PS3, but Microsoft has reminded us once again at their recent conference at CES 2010.

As reported from VG247, Microsoft once again let everyone know that the first batch of DLC will be available this Spring on the Xbox 360 first, with no indication as to how long PS3 owners will have to wait, obviously.

It is understood that a minimum of two DLC packs are in progress at the moment, some of which may have already been leaked thanks to cunning hackers.

What are your thoughts on the impending DLC release. As 360 owners, you’re happy right?

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  • rainman

    PS3 owners get a sore deal having to wait a month after release of DLC on 360, i would of bought DLC maps for 360 if all three of me box's did'nt have the ring of death. On a good note all the 360 peeps have been thrashing MW2 since it's release last year just like ps3 gamers only to find that their 360's probably wont make it till end of this weeks release. ps, bill gates could u come get these broken 360's they all say same thing E74 (broken)…..yep brick walls dont talk back… LAL .. Big up to all ps3 mw2 players

  • Michael Jordan

    Not only does this make business sense … it just common sense to release content to the bigger community . MW2 is purchased 2x more often on the 360 then the ps3 and the # of players on xbox live mw2 dominates the ps3 .