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CES 2010: Sony Vaio F & V Laptops Unveiled

As you know there have been hundreds of electronic devices unveiled at this years Consumer Electronics Show, we have two more to add to this list, these are the Sony Vaio Z ultraportable and the Sony Vaio F notebook.

The Vaio Z features a 13.1 inch LCD display (LED lit), there are a lot of different options for this model, including a Blu-ray drive, 3G connectivity and up to a 512GB SSD. One pretty unique thing about this model is that it features a carbon fiber chassis.

The Vaio F features a 16.4 inch LCD and an Intel Core i7 processor, it also features GeForce graphics. Other specifications for both Vaio’s are not yet known, however as we find out more we will try to keep you posted.

The Z-series ultraportables are said to start at around $1,900 whereas the F series notebooks look set to start at around $1000. For more information check out SlashGear.



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