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OnStar Chevrolet Volt Wireless Smartphone App at CES 2010

The Chevrolet Volt will go on sale later this year and GM has used its OnStar technology to offer a wireless Smartphone app to help drivers get the most from their electric vehicle. GM engineers have been working hard to offer a communications app from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android handset so that it can talk to your Chevy Volt in the hope of helping you save fuel.

The new technology will be on show at tomorrows CES 2010 event in Las Vegas. Most of you will remember that when the production version of the Volt was unveiled in 2008 many thought that they were sitting in a car designed by Apple; this was due to the smooth and capacitive touch controls.

There were those who thought that the car would be designed to work closely with Apple, thankfully this latest app works with a bunch of other Smartphone’s as well. The app will be made available later this year, with many more following shortly after.

This cell phone app is like something from Star Trek; the interface looks a lot like the instrument cluster on the General Motors Volt. The applications contacts OnStar servers, which then contacts the car. Most new GM cars have the same kind of system, but do not have an app to gain access to it.

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