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New Google Phone: Nexus One Configuring and Customizing

With the launch of the new Google Phone yesterday, the Nexus One, many questions are now being asked. One of the most popular has to involve configuring and customizing this Android 2.1 OS running smartphone. This includes the settings application as well as configuring sounds and how the interface looks.

For those waiting for your Nexus One to be delivered, then you had best visit Google where they have all the information that you need. Never before has a cell phone supplier offered so much information online, it is this attention to detail that could help when launching newer models throughout the year.

The Nexus One User’s guide is extensive, try getting this much information from Apple on their iPhone. Google know that their first branded phone is not as good as the iPhone, but this is their first attempt and getting users on side with a superb information base is a step in the right direction.

To open settings on the handset you first need to press home, menu and then setting. There is another way, touch the setting icon that appears on the home screen. It is from here where you will then be able to start configuring or customizing your Nexus One.

If you wish to change app settings, then remember that you will have to go into the applications to make your changes. Visit Google for more details.



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