Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7: Update Details

By Jamie Pert - Jan 6, 2010

Today Mozilla Firefox updated itself to version 3.5.7, so I thought I would see what this update consisted of and what benefits users would notice.

Mozilla list two major changes with this particular version, the changes are said to have “Fixed a common stability issue” and “Fixed a problem with how updates were being presented to users”, you can download this latest version here.

There do not appear to be and other noteable changes made with this particular version, therefore chances are the other updates are all minor big fixes.

If we hear of any other changes that this update offers we will keep you offered, you can find out more on MaximumPC.

Have you installed Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7? Tell us what you think so far in the comments section below.

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  • Trisomy21

    Lexi, uninstall it and download 3.5.6 here

    3.5.7 is noticeably slower for me, downgrading as well. Seems like they progressively get worse with each update.

  • Lexi

    Firefox didn’t give me a choice, this automatic update broke firefox. I can accesses the internet, but my address bar isnt working correctly, it will randomly show or instead of what the actual address is. The back and forward are all messed up and often non existent, its very annoying. And clicking on links now opens them in a new window, even though it is set to open in tabs, and did before the update. How do I downgrade?

  • juana

    i updated the new firefox update and it completly messed up my system. a second before it was updated everything was working perfectly fine. and now i cant access the internet AT ALL!! whats up with that firefox?

    • Andy

      Hi there! I do have exact the same problem. I just updated to Firefox 3.5.7 and I was not able to access the internet at all. Proxy settings are fine though. Switched back to 3.5.6!?