Microsoft’s CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) Keynote

Microsoft are to begin their keynote speech at CES 2010 tomorrow, with many believing that Steve Ballmer will announce the Microsoft Courier Tablet, which is being made by HP. The Consumer Electronics Show will no doubt show off a range of new tablet devices by other vendors in the coming days.

Microsoft are not giving anything away, they might not even launch their tablet tomorrow. If they do, then they will beat Apple to it, as they are not due to announce the launch of their tablet until the end of the month. So what is known so far about the Courier?

According to Techtree, the Hewlett Packard built tablet will come with multitouch features and will be more like an eBook reader, which could hurt the device as the rumored Apple Tablet will blow it out of the water on features and looks. However, with HP working on the device we do expect to see something better than average.

There are no details on what size the Microsoft Courier will be and what specs and features it will come with, hopefully we will learn all that information at tomorrows keynote.

If they were to announce a launch at CES 2010 tomorrow, will you purchase the Microsoft or Apple tablet?



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