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Microsoft Office 2010: Downloading Offers Huge Discounts

Yesterday will be remembered for two things, the release of the Google Nexus One and the detailed pricing for Microsoft’s Office 2010. We have to warn you that the software is not cheap; maybe they are trying to make up for how cheap they sold Windows 7 for.

However, there is a way for shoppers to save money on the new Office suite, download the software instead of purchasing all that unnecessary packaging. The new Office 10 will come with the usual suspects, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more and will be ready to ship some time later in the year.

According to InformationWeek, Microsoft is to make four editions of Office 2010. Standard Office Home and Student will cost $149 for the boxed version and $119 for those choosing to download. Office Home and Business will cost $279 and Office 2010 Professional will cost $499 boxed or $349 if you wish to download direct from the Microsoft website.

For College students and professors, then you will be able to get hold of Office 2010 for just $99; these copies will be made available at campus bookstores or certain retailers. All versions should be released in the middle of the year, maybe the same time as Apple launch the rumored 2010 iPhone.

Do you think that Microsoft have got it wrong with its pricing?



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