Michael Jackson Sony PS3 Bundle with This Is It Blu-ray

By Peter Chubb - Jan 6, 2010

Sony has always known that one of their biggest assets was Michael Jackson, but with the King of Pop no longer with us the electronics and music giant has a big hole to fill. However, what if you could combine the biggest selling music artist with one of the best games consoles, the PS3.

According to SCRAWL, Sony are set to release a Michael Jackson PlayStation 3 bundle that comes complete with a free copy of “This Is It” on Blu-ray. The PS3 bundle is only available to those in Japan and will cost ¥33,500 (£226). This is for a 120GB PlayStation 3 in black, Dualshock 3 and that free Blu-ray.

The bundle will be launched on January 27; this is the same day that the Blu-ray disc of “This is it” gets released. The disc comes complete with some never before seen footage from Thriller.

The disc contains over a hundred hours of behind the scenes footage of Jackson preparing for his “This Is It” tour, where you can see him sing a number of his classic songs. We are not certain if the Michael Jackson PS3 bundle will be released in other countries.

Let us hope that Sony and the Jackson estate will come up with a deal to release Michale Jackson Singstar, would you buy it?

Would you like to see the Michael Jackson Sony PS3 released in the U.S., Europe or any other country?

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  • Accolade

    Andy no real fan is going to go out and pirate the product of their favorite artist. MJ fans are loyal not thieves, we rather see that MJ’s estates gets properly funded than ripped off.

  • Andy

    -coughs- The blu ray copy( 1080p ) version of This Is It has been available to download illegally from the internet for a couple of weeks now. Any die hard fan will have already downloaded this, and if nescessary go and buy it from the shops when released. This is cheap publicity for the whole thing as they wanna make as much money out of it as they can.